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I couldn't title this :-P
  • I just hit level 151 and am starting to go through the Master Class Trials. On my way to Oracle :-D. If anyone would like to join me or help out, that would be appreciated. I'm normally on before 5:45pm CST (I'm from Texas :-p) everyday except Thursdays and Sundays (the library is open later on Thursdays, and closed on Sundays) so if you're online before then, I can usually party with you.
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  • I made it to Oracle! =D
  • Very nice, congrats!
  • Thank you!
  • I'm now working on the TP quests that you get from Hector NPC. I finished "King of Exploration" and "King of Creatures" quests, and now I'm working on "King of Steel". I got the weapon all the way to +19 and then ran out of rupees =(. In one more point I get another TP, and in 5 more levels (160) I will get another one (6 total - which is all I wanted =P since Oracle trees need 2 per tree so I can max skills). If anyone wants to log in and play Rappelz that would be cool =).