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Red Skies in Rappelz Information
  • Red Skies in Rappelz was started by SubJunk in Epic 3 (the game's first non-beta release), around late 2006.
    We had a brief stint on the Tortus server at first, but when the Salamander server was launched we switched over to that since we weren't very high level anyway.
    We have always remained on Salamander, which changed its name to Naga after server merges, and then merged with Tortus and Pantera to form Undine.
    We have owned several dungeons and been allied with many guilds, including Destiny, Fantasy Warriors, Everstorm and Dark Decippelz.
    As far as I know, we are the oldest active guild from Salamander, and possibly from any server.

    We made our reputation as a guild who accepts players of all levels, our emphasis being on friendliness instead of power. We have seen "powerful" guilds come and go - and beaten many in sieges - as player loyalty for them changes like the wind, but our members are and have been the most loyal ever because we tried to get to know people and be a family instead of just valuing strength.
    In our early days it was just me and Andate, then shortly after, Fleece joined. Other early members were MaxPowers, Magna, bigjay, Discipl3, Lizette, Vakuso, Sestock and Gavriil, to name only a few, many of whom are and were iconic on the server.
    Another defining aspect of our guild is our anti-PK (player killing) policy, which meant that we only PVP against people who either consent, or are being bullies. In our most active period we were known as a guild who could always be counted on to kill the PKers who would often hang around the entrances to dungeons to make life miserable for noobs. This is also how we recruited many of our best members, by helping them fight PKers.
    Later on we gained two members who ended up being our most loyal ever, TuxedoMask and Saryah, who are some of the only long-term members (and now leaders) who are still active, and two of the nicest and coolest people you could hope to meet! They also got married in 2017.

    Here's a video of us sieging in 2009 :)

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  • Guilds really need scribes, who just document various progressions (new players, retirees, alliances coming and going, 'firsts' and 'most significants') from the beginning. And, of course, videographers ;D

    Wow, xZoulx was in that siege! Any idea if he was in Justice or Outnumbered? He's the guy who helped Vulkanz and I through some tedius r2-r3 levels with his evo 3 yeti xD

  • Good idea about scribes, let's do that from now on :) Nope no idea what guild he was in sorry
  • Woow, Faithful.  Now there was an interesting character, lol. 
    I remember her being in another guild for ages before she came to RedSkies, I'd forgotten she'd joined us for a time there.
    So many memories. 
    If you still have the old archives of the original forum Sub, I bet there's a lot of gold just waiting to be looked up and cataloged as far as scribe-worthy info for RedSkies goes, from both UrT and Rappelz.
  • Yup they're still there to read if anyone wants to, link and link.
    I plan to update this first post as I remember more info so if anyone has stuff to add let me know
  • I may or may not trawl through some of those links and see if I can dredge up a timeline from the snarls of threads =p
    Depending on how busy I am with already copying/pasting for you Sub ^.^
  • I just updated the first post here for Tux and Sar's wedding, and updated some other deets in it :)