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Undine Character Database
  • :edit:

    Wohoo, awesomesauce: Database of active players on Undine server


    (Editing out links to the m'tro site. Pretty sure RedSkies being linked to who I am now brings shame and dishonour to all you good people ;3)

    I found it interesting just the number of pages per class that are currently ranked in the top 10,000 players who have been active in the last 40 days. 24 pages of Master Breeders, 5 pages of Mercenaries. This is over all servers.

    It'll be split over a few posts.

    (Sub, can the word count per post disregard HTML? I remember being unable to post a copy/paste grid for the Rappelz stats guide, even though the grid itself was quite small the additional HTML characters threw the limit way out...)

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  • I raised the maximum comment length, hopefully that's enough
  • Scraped together* a database of Active** players on our server

    *Opened each page of the Leaderboards and copy/pasted them into an Excel spreadsheet, deleted unnecessary columns, exported to CSV, imported the CSV to a database via PHP, and made a rudimentary front-end for searching through the players. 

    ** "Active" = In the top 10k, logged on (or gained EXP?) in the last 40 days, level 150 or higher (got a few 149s just incidentally)

    You can search by name, level, class and/or guild.

    I'll add order-by eventually, for now results are ranked by Level (and presumably sub-ranked by EXP if the leaderboard were accurate at the time)

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  • Lol, it still searched me.  Apparently I'm 152
  • Added some stats about how many of each class were included in your search. You can look at any guild and see how many Marksmen or Master Breeders they have, or how many Asura classes they have compared to Gaian classes.

    Lots of fun. I am not good with ze DIVs.
  • Clicking a name shows a brief history of changes made to a player's entry in my database. Shows the last time their name was uploaded (via CSV for batches) and the last time something about them was actually updated (doesn't update their entry if all of the details are still the same as before).

    It's ugly, and I can't really differentiate between change types (if their level, guild or class)

    because I was lazy and used a single 'history' field to contain a single string broken up by commas and semicolons.

    Whaaaat, I hate joining tables. This was, I think, easier to set up. I told it to do a newline before a string segment 

    which is 19 characters long, which the timestamp is, to break up the updates list. If someone could have a

    19-character guild or class then this wouldn't work very well at all xD

    But I'm sure you can get the idea by looking at it. If it says "159" that was probably their level changing, not their guild. If it says 159, Beast Master, then it means they levelled up to 159 and changed their class. Deal wit' it!

    It will only track changes made as of last night / this morning.

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  • Looks great man!
  • It's now available at the slightly-easier-to-remember

    A mate purchased it for me, paid for a year. 'Bout time I used it for something.

  • yea, good job dude.
  • Maaaax :D

    Cool to see you 'round these parts.

  • This is so useful! I shared it with some Nitor people~
  • Just make sure you send them to and not the other one - I was lazy with database privileges on the original one, I'm not convinced a clever fellow couldn't drop my tables as part of their search xD

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  • ^ Bad spammer, naughty. Go harass some other forum, like the Rappelz Forum >:D