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Epic 8.2
  • From this lovely thread on the main forum, gonna cross post some of the more confirmed information rather than the nifty concept art.

    image They're going to change the difficulty level of the lower dungeons so as to ease the learning curve of the game.
    " 1-stamina,strength ,attack of mobs reduced in power
    2-added repeated quests for those dungeon in :lv40,70,60,95
    3-the exp for the old quests in those dungeon increased

    "Relics of Arid Moonlight(30~50 lvl)
    Lost mines (50~70 lvl)
    Crystal valley (70~90 lvl)
    Hidden crystal valley (70~90 lvl hard dungeon)
    Palmir Remains (90~110 lvl)
    Hidden Palmir Remains (90~110 level hard dungeon)

    image Adding more instanced dungeons for MC in the 'basements' of the older dungeons
    This is the one for relics. I have no idea if they will be accessible from both M1 and M2
    You have to kill the mini boss to unlock the boss (similar to the cube dungeon) but there is also another room after the boss???


    While the relics map looks entirely new the Lost mines design looks like a bit like CV, same concept to unlock stuff

    The CV map is kind of hard to tell how the running space is actually laid out

    Palmir~ Im not sure but I dont think any of these maps use portals

    "2- added witch followers basments quests:
    -added 20 quests for lv 160
    3- added new boss cards:
    Medusa Card
    Black Widow Card
    Micro Rob Thor card
    Dragon Cards
    4-added new type of mobs to fight

    "1- the party will get a reward after clearing the whole dungeon from its mobs
    2those rewards are random

    Master: Helm of the Medusa
    Master: Rob Thor's glove micro-
    Master: Boots of the Black Widow
    Master: Dragon warrior armor
    Master: Dragon Hunter armor
    Of the Dragon Master: mage armor
    Master: The Dragon of Summoner armor

    image "Soul taming system"
    kind of need better translations for this but it seems the main part is that when you tame a pet with these cards it gets some randomized skills from pre-existing pets.
    You can only tame mobs that arent already pets and you cant tame quest mobs which should include all dungeon bosses so... the Blue and Yellow cards make no sense
    Brown (T3) = regular mobs
    Green (T4) = champion and dungeon mobs
    Blue (T5?) = controller bosses ???
    Yellow (T6?) = (field?) bosses ???

    1-they have unique species skills =not random
    2-random unities= u might get a lapika with wolf unity or yeti <<This is the wrong tier but similar idea
    There's a Lapika with a unity bearing the torus image but has Vit + Block Def, another Lapika with a mystery symbol and M. Resist + MP Recov
    a Dove with a mystery symbol and Wis + Cast Speed
    a Piranha that looks to have the Nightmare unity but unconfirmed if its the same stats

    3-random DD skills

    a lapika was tamed with the brown purple cards in kts (took over 20 tries) and these cards stack in inv. and seem to drop from mobs (but the KTS might also have them for sale at NPC)
    So far from KTS they've posted a piranha (the person also tried anatema), dove and lapika.

    image UI and other appearance changes.
    Dont think they're doing anything too huge with the basic UI but they are adding nifty symbols to mobs which of course mean something, not sure what though, is this an orc? wish I had the whole shot

    empty pet cards now stack and tamed pet cards now have an image of the pet type which changes with evo lvl so they're really easy to spot.
    Im not sure but I think the numerals are also evo lvl but they would make more sense to display stage, oh well.


    imagePlayers can see your pet level now when they click on it
    "^ Unity level 5: (I'm guessing level 5 because it is a level 71 pet)
    Wisdom +17.8
    Cast speed +8.1"

    image Also new suit but may not be related to 8.2 release since the biker suit, skin colour potions and gender swap potion are already in CS

    image image

    imageEven more deco suits

     image image

    image image

    image image

    image image

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  • "CantSeeMe" is great with the information~ Just gonna quote him outright

    Yes, pets get random skills - seems to be from other pets Someone had a Dove, was really good healer, I went and tamed one, has gnolls reflecting sheild, provication, some other attack skill. My lapika however seems to be a healer - has ifrits soothing globe, unicorns healing light, and another heal, really dont know what it is! Its a picture of someone/thing praying (not bpix prayer) and a fear. Skills unlock at their respective level, my lapika didnt get its evo2 active skills until level 75 iirc

    I will respec my dove when I get some money and will let you know if it changes the skills.

    I now have the blue card - it is indead the next tier up which is dungeon con bosses.

    Still not had the yellow card, I prefer it not to exist until someone has actually got one ingame (obviously someone has more than likely but not that I know of).
    If it was t2 I would have one by now, I have 30+ t3, 20+ t4, 2 t5 and 0 of the yellow.

    Oh yeah, and Ents~

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  • Looks pretty sweet
  • yea like theyre finally doing some bigger expansions at once

    the new pets dont seem to have unique skins though, they just change size with evo

    *edit for giant eyeball mob*
    356 x 590 - 408K
    evo1 spider nanani.png
    687 x 487 - 500K
    570 x 495 - 112K
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  • Hmm I just had a thought. For the first little while some people like me will probably have heart attacks every time there's a dungeon mob pet near the group, thinking it's an actual mob attacking. XD
  • Hahaha, hadn't even thought of that
  • Particularly a PK-on Soul Harmony-ing Evoker xD