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Which MMOs do we play other than Rappelz?
  • i know I met every 1 here through rappelz. but I am wondering what else we play? I know team fortress, w.o.w., and a few other's have been mentiond in forum's.

    some example's of other mmo's I have, or am currently playing include, but not limited to


    I've been playing eve-online the second genesis since late 2004. but have taken random length break's from it to keep my interest in it.

    mass effect 3 multi player on x-box 360 since it's release.

    final fantasy 11, but haven't played in a few year's.

    final fantasy 14 on playstation 3 since it's release.

    dead rising 2 on occasion with a friend I know in real life on x-box 360 since it was released for free for 2 or 3 week's mounth before this topic began.

    and minecraft on x-box 360 on occasion. are some example's.

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  • i forgot to mention I am on (sorry, siren not shiva) surver on final fantasy 14 under name gehwesi Schwartz.

    yes. we have to choose a 1st and last name seperat of each other. and different npc's throughout the main, and sub storie's refure to you by eather the 1st, last, and/or both name's you choose.

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  • I'm not playing anything at the moment but I've heard good things about Firefall
  • Playing a bit of Dota 2 atm, if anyone wants to add me on steam my user is saria12 or search "Sarah Dawes" or "Saryah"
  • all I got on fast glance of a search on Firefall was a bearded, and unbearded band on the 1st couple page's of result's subjunk.

    I don't have a steam account, nor do I ever plan on getting a steam account, or any other survace account for single player, offline game's that I can not get a physical copy of.

  • That's weird Geh, when I used dogpile it returned the right results.
  • I like Steam for a few reasons, the first and foremost being that I can get the games I want without being charged an arm and a leg simply because of where I live.  The markup is (or least was last time I visited an actual game store like EB) ridiculous here in Aus. "Triple A" titles are easy about $90 and smaller games still at the $40 mark.  Not sure if it's the same/worse in NZ.

    Not that I play those big games at all any more.  I rather enjoy multi-players that aren't FPS's, and Steam is just a gold mine for finding awesome gems, especially indie games, that simply couldn't exist without the digital platform.  I really love the Greenlight program Steam has set up for small indie games, allowing ordinary people and gamers to review have their say on which games and concepts they like and that eventually result in awesome games on Steam that people actually want to play!  Games are given the freedom to be experimental and different instead of the big developers pushing out the same old formulas and genres again and again simply because "they know it works".  Which is also why we have so many sequel of games they simply didn't need them, or 25 variations of WW2/army combat simulators.

    Plus I love the idea of not having to worry about looking after physical disks that I'm liable to break, misplace or scratch just enough that it doesn't work.  If all my disks suddenly disappeared or broke, I know I still have over $300 worth of games in cyberspace waiting for me, in a nice neat alphabetic order to choose from.  The only downside is when a HDD drives that has my games on it, I do have to re-download, and patiently do a couple of games a month so I don't get my Internet capped and slowed.

    Another point is easy access to games without pirating them.  And now I've moved but to my home town in the middle of nowhere, out closest "game" shop would be about 5 hours drive, and the local computer stores usually only order games in (pre-paid only) per person for the game they want, because it's not worth it for them to keep games in stock.  And there never would be a sale, always full price for the custom order.  Steam is always having a sale on at least 10 games at any given moment, and even the full price is reasonable.  Even though the prices are low, because of the availability, the publishers and developers of the game, still make money due to the sheer volume of sales. And there's always extra downloadable content, vanity items etc, for quite a few of the games if you really enjoy them and want to support them.

    And the Steam community stuff makes it really easy to find people to play with.  It seems to be the most popular games service which means more people on it for me to play with and easier to hook up with friends as well.  It'll tell me when my friends are playing games, and I can join them if I wanted and owned the same game.

    Sorry for my rant, but unless/until there's an even better games service like Steam, I'm yet to hear about it, and it's simply my best/pretty much only option for me if I want to to keep gaming. 
  • Oh yeah, and there's quite a few Free to Play game on steam as well.  Of course, with the exception of Dota 2, most of them are low-budget and what you might except from FTP, but one in particular called Archeblade is loads of fun.  The graphics might be a bit old, and it runs on the "showing-it's-age-now" Unreal engine, but it's loads of fun as an arena style game with a few different maps (much like Unreal Tournement).  I highly recommend it as LAN game we had so much fun with it at our last LAN, yelling and laughing and generally an enjoyable time.
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  • PPS.

    Just looked at Firefall, looks good, kinda like Scarlet Blade without the skanky chicks.  And probably better everything else as well.
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  • Nice writeup on Steam, good points
  • I <3 STEAM (also agree with all the above points)
  • Man, it has been a while since I have perused the forums. Not actually playing any games outside one mobile game since the semester is in session. Dawn of the Dragons is the name. Pretty neat and a pretty good team behind it. Half of the fun is reading the new content and lore they create. Also, since I've taken Zoology, Australia scares me. Our professor would talk about these dangerous lifeforms and he would always end with "Good thing we don't live in Australia" O.o
  • Yup Australia is serious business. I've only been there once but there was this massive spider looked like a tarantula on my wall, I called my grandpa into the room and he just picked it up with his hands and put it outside. WTF
  • Probably a Huntsman Spider.

    Horrible looking things, though apparently not particularly dangerous - they may bite in defense but this is allegedly non-harmful to humans.

    Not that I'm ever going to test that out, ewewew. They are incredibly gross. *visible shudder*.

  • Yeah seems likely!
  • They're pretty common too.

    Good times.

  • is anyone on x-box 360/one, or playstation 3/4 that's connected to the net? i'm known as gehwesij over on xbox 360, and gehwesi over on ps3/4. just say you're a fellow redskies member if you send me a friend request there.
  • Glorious PC Master Race

    Sorry Geh
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  • PC gamers for liiiiiife
  • mix-in-match my end. different game's are best played on certain system's do to there control scheme's. i guisse that's why i own, or have owned most every major gaming system ever made.
  • rappelz, original sim city;s up until 1998, eve online the second genesis, all to me are best played with a keyboard, and mouse, while the final fantasy serie's, mass effect serie's, fable serie's, assassin's creed serie's, infamus serie's, mega man aka rock man serie's, flight game's, and 1st person shooter's,  to me require joy stick's and/or d-pad on 1 side with limited button's on the other side controler's.