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Game of Thrones
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    Well at this point it kinda goes without saying that Game of Thrones is the best fantasy show ever, and in my opinion one of the best shows of any genre.
    It's one of those rare shows that is both popular with audiences and critics, those groups almost always being mutually-exclusive when it comes to TV shows.

    One thing to note is that because the books are way ahead of the series, please don't discuss the books here.
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  • This show has been all over Facebook last night and today because of the latest episode that aired (S03E09) in which some surprising events take place. What did you guys think of that episode?
  • Certainly gave me a lot to think about, lol.
    I'm really curious as to where the show is going to head next.
  • Yeah me too! Lots of storylines will be so different now
  • I started reading the books because I didnt really like waiting around between episodes and seasons. It is a great show though I could use less pointless nudity etc :/

    Do you guys have favourite characters? I find so many of the characters irritating but then I still like the show .____.

    with S3E9 hmmmm the end was done well enough to make me care what was going on even though I dont like the characters, and the middle part D: D: D: what are you doooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggg

    side note: wargs, pretty nifty
  • Arya.  Arya is awesome.
  • Yeah the nudity can be pointless/forced sometimes, but other times it works IMO. But yeah generally I agree that they just do it to show hot people being hot.
    My fave characters at the moment are Olenna, Tyrion, Shae, Arya, Margaery, Syrio and Jaqen. I go through stages of liking Daenerys too, she's super powerful which is awesome but also egotistical and inconsiderate, which isn't.
  • Joffrey. Because the girls I used to live with were super-fanatical about the show, and they hated Joffrey vehemently. I hadn't watched any of it, and so their passion (and their weeping and moaning every week as new episodes came out) caught my attention. Without knowing a whole lot about the show, I would taunt them by telling of the wonders our King Joffrey had done for us, and how they were ungrateful wenches for not acknowledging it.

    Okay, he's not a 'favourite' character any more. It's a struggle not to strictly dislike him (as a character). But I do try ever so hard.

  • Hahaha that's hilarious Tux
  • I've only seen the first 5 episodes of season 1 of the show, but have read through the first 4 books. Arya is also my favorite character. I love how most of the characters are grey, having both good and bad characteristics. Sure you can pick sides, but there's no defined good or bad, and this is awesome.
  • Zomg, how did I forget about Tyrion. 
    First equal favourite, hands down.

    Man Tux, I bet by the time you were through hanging around those girls you could have said puppies were cute and they'd disagree with you out of principle, lol.
  • Oh boy, haha. Only two of the three girls watched it, and the third was as bemused as I was by the significant effect this show was having on the two watchers. The two girls would have 'Game of Thrones' night when it was up on teh interwebs, and the other girl and I would just leave them alone and do our own things.

    Luckily one of 'em is the girl responsible for getting me into Anime - we've one of them unspoken, unsullyable relationships that can withstand any amount of trolling. I think. Also, she won't take me seriously  about anything - ever. I believe she is distrustful of Sar as well, by association.

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  • I think.

    Made me lol
  • *may contain spoilers -> current TV episodes used*

    What happens when Game of Thrones meets Arrested Development.

  • lol
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  • That was perfection XD