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Tux's Warehouse Cleanout #1
  • I've devised This fantastical invention to move some skill cards from my possession to elsewhere. You can search for cards by card name or by class (as listed in the card's descriptions). Stick your name/username into the box of a card you wish to purchase and hit Add to my Cart and that will join your running tally and remove that card from the available cards list.

    Try to stick to cards that are relevant for your character. Hahaha. It's funny, because there are, like, 4 active classes, and they don't clash too much.
    There aren't any Archer or Healer cards, those are for Sar and Myself. Nyaah nyaah! xD I also have a tonne of Breeder cards already set aside for Geh, not in this list.

    When you're done, let me know in-game from the toon you're using them on. I will charge you the ridiculous premium listed under your running total (you can find this on the site), and do my best to collect all of them to trade to you.


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  • Now I see the sig! Total you!
    Will sign up for some cards in a while - been bidding on some in AH but other silly people just refuse to stop bidding and driving up the prices! 
  • Fairy is here! :D
  • There are a few skills with the skill card icons now, but there's a whole heap still missing!

    Help me out and upload missing icons by using the Add Icon link next to any default grey icons =]

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  • Oikis Tux - order Step Two - where is the check out?  :-B Can hardly wait to start breaking those cards!

    Hi ya Andi!! 
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  • Hehehe, nothing like a positive outlook to smashing things XD
  • I am really pro at that!!
  • Haha, the Checkout is sort of a lie, but you can see your 'checkout' from Bidders > fairylite, which will show a list of your bids and a running total at the bottom.

    I have your cards ready. Your total so far comes to: 62,468 rupees

  • O.o You have a non-profit business going on!  :D
  • Not really non-profit, I'm getting some in-game currency. It's not really much of a business either xD
    That site is hopefully the worst e-commerce site you will ever happen across on the interwebs.
  • Looks great to me :)
  • It was the worst as far as your profit margin  ;;) Thanks Tux for making such a horrible deal for yourself!!  :D
  • My poor warehouse has, like, 30 free slots. I need to get stuff outta it pretty badly!!
  • wow yea o__o thatd take ages to load too
  • Added 118 more cards to the site, have to sit them on alts now because the ones in Tux's inventory couldn't fit into my warehouse.

    In Tux's inventory there are 46 rows of skillcards still, most of which I do not need / can not use. It's going to destroy me cataloguing them xD I'll get it done some day.


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  • LOL, wow Tux, that's a lot of cards