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Roll Call
  • Lets see whos still here and is now using this new forum.

    Le getting old NuclearAge is here (Im flipping 19 now ;l) Its been a long time since Dec 6th 2009 when i first put my foot into the door.

    Since then 2153 visits to the old forum, 37 threads started along with 1371 posts.
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  • I'm here, Runamok
  • I'm around, TuxedoMask from Rappelz
  • I'm here and I'm scone.
  • Nathair/Gavriil of Rappelz + Aion ;D
  • *invades the UT section* >:D
  • Hellooos, In the past weve been seperated by a great devide but i like how subs has set it up now, more people to talk too i guess :P
  • I'm, ah....
    Andi from Rappelz/Aion
    Njorun from D&D
    Mascot from UrT
    Noctiluca from Vanguard

    (aka Subby's squeeze)

    Hee, invading is fun.  Though am I technically an invader if I've played UrT before? :p
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  • Hi guys I'm SubJunk from Rappelz, SubJunk from Aion, SubJunk from DDO, SubJunk from UrT and Subjunk from Vanguard. Confusing I know
  • I'll try my best to keep track of all the names you've used, but I'll just call you SubJunk for now ok?
  • Hahaha, just read Rage's sig.  "Who the hell is Rocket?"
  • OK Runa I guess that will do hahaha. Cool to see the forum getting used guize!
  • Im Ashecroft and I'm...
    SirAuron4 in Rappelz
    Ashecroft in Aion
    and if you see a name ending in -aeldyr in Guild Wars 2, it is probably me too
  • Hi feels like the first day of school - stand up and say your name awkward! 
    I'm fairylite from Rappelz....
    group talk - group therapy - 
  • omg I hated those things in school so much >:|
  • Hey guys,

    I'm Saryah in Rappelz, Saryah in Aion, SailorMars in Vanguard, and Kitkatsusne/SuperFlutter in DCUO.

    But if you see other forums with Saryah or Smad as a member that's probably me too.
  • Hey guys! I'm still here!

    I'm tuk-tuk from Urban Terror, avid League of Legends and DayZ player these days.
    My name is Salvador in real life and I'm always keen to play with new people, my skype is SalvadorNZ, my League name is Blanco Caballero

    I love hiking, hunting, helping others and looking to do psychology or philosophy later on after I go to the army.

    I also play Runescape 2007 in my spare time often, message me on skype if you're keen to play anything with me, i'm always up for it!

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  • Hey guys, never really in but i'm here though XD

    I'm Honour from Urban Terror and play League and Starcraft 2 also. :D
  • Hullo!

    Lizette from Rappelz
    Naruil from Vanguard

    Mostly just playing Path of Exile and Hawken these days, but I've spent a bit of time on League of Legends, Diablo3, Starcraft 2 as well.