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  • I dont know what Im doing all over again ahahah

    trying to remember how things are usually coded

    and my sig looks huge here :< time to make a mini one I guess
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  • Yay glad to have you here!
  • Yay, people using the forum =D
  • Are there base categories for Urban Terror, Rappelz, Aion etc. where we can see all of the subcategories of just that game? I feel like the bolded text in the sidebar should be linked to the category and show both General and Off-Topic threads for that game. Thoughts, Sub?
  • Yeah that's what I think as well. Apparently there is an option for it in an upcoming version of the forum software, if that ever gets released
  • The REAL question is... Can you merge the old Rappelz threads (or at least the big ones, maybe go by post count) over here? How similar are the databases?
  • I was hoping I could get by without doing that haha. There is a database importing tool that does the merging automatically, but it's made for a 1-1 conversion (1 database to 1 database) whereas what we would need is a 4-1 conversion. So in order to do it I would use the automatic tool to convert all 4 databases, then try to manually merge them into one database, which could be pretty time-consuming
  • on my tablet I need to use the "write comment" button to get the keyboard to stay up so o__o gonna be some double posts if I try to edit things heh the forum looks good and everything else seems to work just fine though
  • Can you write a query or function of your own to grammatically grab the bits you need from Database 1A,1B,1C and 1D and insert them into the right parts of Database 2? (That's an actual question, I want to know if that sort of thing is do-able / practical)

    If you're closing up the old RS Rappelz forum, it'd be a huge shame to see all of that conversation disappear.

    Something that might be simpler, can we get (or is it already hiding somewhere?) a Members List where we can see and search through all the other registered users? I wanted to see if Fairylite had signed up here yet, and realised I couldn't without clicking her name somewhere - which requires her to have made a post. Short of going through profile/9/name and changing the number until I found the name I was after *shruggs*.

    Edit: Aah, I started from the wrong base. forum/profile/TuxedoMask works fine, and you can swap the name to see if they exist. The url in name links from posts takes you to the profile/9/name format, which was confusing. Still, I'm a fan of the ol' Rappelz Forum style member lookup with visit and post count, etc all ranked. You know, to see who among us have the most spare time xD

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  • yea she should totally come over here
  • We were talking earlier (this morning for me, last night for her). She said she'd register here "tomorrow" :D
  • Yeah I could do that Tux, just a matter of finding the time :)

  • I do not support the idea of exposing how much I visit without posting lol
  • Oh my gawd, it's the ghost of Christmas Auron!