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Random quotes and statements
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  • no controll over it. just have a type of sense along the spine, and from roughly just above the bottom of the shoulder blade's, to just inside the skull near the top of the spine. no pain, no tickling, no pleasure, no tingling, but maybe along the line's of a void that's not missing anything that cause's a mild type of tenseing. and ocasional deja vu on word's/visual on thing's that have not happend to person on the higher scaled sense. scale happen's from roughly lv1 to something mild that will happen within 12hour's to 1 week, to lv10 witch happen's anywhere from 8 to 13mounth's in advance. and the deja vu thing happen's from lv4 up.
  • By that logic, I could say that I felt bad six years ago because of a car accident that happened last week.
    I feel sad some days, and bad things happen to people on other days.  Doesn't mean I predicted it. 

    But if I've learned anything, one can never presume to know the feelings of another person =)
  • that does sound a little bit too much like cause and effect to me, I'm feeling this weird feeling I can't explain today, so the next bad thing that happens was because I felt this - no offense intended though it probably will through how I phrase stuff

    However, because I'm weird like that, I think esp exists, just not in the way that we're thinking it, though I do kind of sound a little crazy when I do explain what I'm thinking..

    why is this in the random quotes topic? xD

    edit: what I'm thinking of probably isn't even what esp is at all, but anyway..
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  • My absent seizures (tl:dr, I have them sometimes) mess with my sense of time and memory, where I sometimes experience hours of 'made up memories' in the space of 10-30 seconds. This comes with a powerful sense of Deja Vu, and has in the past convinced me that something that had already happened had been occurring to me in dreams for a very long time (when in fact, I hadn't; I had false memories of recurring dreams which preceded the actual event). What I have come to realise is that during these episodes, I am spinning my own false memories and while I seem to be 'recalling' them vividly, they're fake.

    I don't have ESP, I have 'probably can't drive un-medicated'. Much less of a superpower tbh.
  • That would be tough Tux, but possibly awesome at the same time.  Living what feels like hours in less then a minute period would be like living much more life than liner time usually allows for.  'Cause at the end of the day our reality is mostly based on our own perceptions.  Even if it's not literally true, if it Feels true it can still mean the same thing as far as living it goes. 

    Now I'M the one sounding crazy, lol.
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  • if i got arrested, what would you think i did?
  • If I were to guess, I'd say you finally listened to that leprechaun on your shoulder and burned down the senior citizens home.
  • Soldering together an Iron Man suit and taking the law into your own hands.
  • don't beg for thing's. do it you're self, or else you won't get anywhere.


                        comman, but true quote in eureka seven origenal serie's.

  • for tux, i would guisse trying to save sailer moon, and the other sailer scout's in a tuxedo, mask, and thornless red rose.
  • saw a show on the discovery channel back on april 25 2010 that i posted to a facebook page and am now copying and posting here. it's a steven hawking baseed show, and i wanted to put the quistion i heard on it here as well.

    there's this mad scientest who's deturmend to make a paradox incident happen. he make's a type of time machine where 1 side of it is a minet behind the other side. well he goes and open's a suitcase with a disasembled gun with a silencer and asemble's it. once he asemble's it he walk's around it to the other side and shoot's his past self from a minet before. what happen's next since he already killed himself, how dose he kill himself?

  • It's a cool question, one of those things that can only exist as a question because it can't happen in reality. Stephen Hawking once said that any attempt to create a paradox must fail because the Universe must maintain consistency. I think he said it in one of his first books.
  • i think i read or saw on a show somewhere that time paredox's can and do exist. just that a new bubble universe is created each time a paradox happen's so that the origenal 1 isn't destroyed.
  • Yeah that would be something to resolve the paradox but I don't think that is based in reality; no one has had any scientific evidence of even one other universe let alone infinite ones. Cool to think about though
  • If we want to create a paradox, we just have to tell Microsoft that there is a paradox and that it's up to them to fix it. We'll have several created by the end of the week.
  • kind of an easy read I got from facebook.

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  • i was at the place formerly known as marene world usa in vallejo california yesterday with 3 family member's, and my sister's friend who get's vertigo, well, before we left, my sister, and her friend went on medusa, witch caused his vertigo to kick in, i found the following statement he said about it interesting enough to share..

    it's not me that's unstable right now, the world is being unstable around me. it's not my fault.
  • magic is just science that you/we don't understand yet.

    so based on that logic, yes, i do believe in magic.

  • ute sparks over on facebook said the following quote.

    A flower starts deep under the dirt and has to fight against gravity in the darkness before finally breaking free and opening its bloom to the sun. You may feel like you're in darkness and everything around you is muddy, but keep pushing toward the Light and when the time is right, you will burst into blossom.

  • i'm not sick. i'm twisted. sick makes it sound like there's a cure.