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Foundry Quests
  • I dont know if we have a way to keep a tally for the guild in-game but I thought it would be nice to share any fun foundry quests we've done :D

    gonna list a couple from memory

    "Act 1: The Mad Guardsmen" is a quick really easy one, it has some placeholder stuff in it though (overachiever?)
    "Visitors From The Underdark" longer run there is a campaign and stand-alone version but I honestly couldnt tell you which I did :x
    "Tired Of Being The Hero" average run time? kind of a reverse dynamic, fun stuff :)
    "Nightmare On Market Street" Andi tipped me off to this one, neat setting.
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  • Cool idea. I've done the last 2, will check out the others.
    The name of the jumpmaps which I liked are something like:

    May's Trickjumping Part 1 & 2
  • I see what you mean about Act 1, kinda weird how almost every conversation has a feature coming soon. I rated it 3/5
  • Just did Visitors of the Underdark, definitely one of my fave Foundry quests. I like how difficult it is
  • There's a saga that's pretty good. 
    It starts out straightforward with the first quest, Labyrinth of Lunacy, and picks up more and more as you go through the quests.