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Website/forum Suggestions
  • This is a thread where people can post suggested changes to the website/forum
    Post edited by SubJunk at 2013-05-30 18:42:29
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  • need to bring back who started a topic/who last commented a topic on the main page.
    Post edited by SubJunk at 2013-05-30 18:43:11
  • The last commented is there already. For example: "Most recent by SubJunk"
    It just doesn't say it when there have been no posts in the thread yet.
  • on the redskies forum, they used to be seperate, started by (insert name) at 1 spot under the topic, and to that spot's emediate right was something along the line's of last post by (insert name), not on same spot being for who started it untell some 1 else add's a coment, and the started by is removed, and replaced by curent most recent coment.
  • Yeah that's true. Does anyone else have any opinions on it?
  • may i ask for the total vote's up/down be returned to the right, or elsewhere on each topic on the main page? for example, as of this message edit there are over 30 vote's on the last 3 or 4 page's (6 to 8) of the random image's topic. but the main page only show's 1 vote on it.
    Post edited by gehwesi at 2013-05-31 00:18:50
  • I can see how that would be misleading. The topics themselves have ratings, so the rating shown on the main page is supposed to be the rating for just the first post of the thread, not all posts within the thread.
    I'm not sure which way is better. I guess it is better the way you are suggesting.
  • I actually hadn't realised that the main page showed the only votes of the first post and not a total tally of all the votes from the thread. I agree - it should represent the total tallies, or there should be a function to vote specifically for the thread itself (separate to the first post). Just to make a clear distinction about what you are voting for.

    I also agree that you should return the 'created by' information to the thread list on the main page - mostly because I'm just used to it being there (Red Skies: Rappelz forum, Rappelz Forum, etc) and it currently feels like there is a lot of underutilised space that I've grown accustomed to being filled. Having both "created by" and "most recent post by"  just feels normal, though I can survive without it.

    Group lists

    All Games, Rappelz, Age of Conan - those bold headers in the categories navigation - I still feel that they should be linked to a list of only that category. 

    Alternately, add little checkboxes beside each group which affects the categories that are listed when you refresh. Though that miiight require some nasty self-made adjustments Vanilla 2's way of doing things. Just a thought.

    All Games: General and Television should perhaps be slightly different shades of grey, and slightly different shades of green for Rappelz: General and Guides & Info. Maybe take the number of subcategories and tell it to reduce/increase RGB values by a certain amount for each additional subcategory in the list. I'd try it myself to see how it looked, if your CSS referenced General and Television as well as All Games :p Who knows how my attempts would turn out!

    Information Page

    The old Red Skies Rappelz forum had an Information page, and I presume the other boards did too. I think this should return (either add it to the top nav, or above the Discussions nav). It could contain information about which games we "have a Red Skies" guild or clan in and which server and/or faction it is on in those games.

    Maybe you could get really excited and allow each user to 'register' their account to each game, providing their username and perhaps class or rank for that game, perhaps alts as well. And a short description, like "Yeaaah, I haven't played this game in a long time... But if I'm available I'm happy to log in and buff you or answer questions you might have!". A copy of that info could go on each user page as well.


    The Search function is still super-strict. A search for "screenie" will ignore results such as the "Sub's screenies" thread. I think it needs to be more lenient, will it let you make it search for LIKE %searchterm% ?

  • Yeah I think they're all good ideas. I've even suggested a couple of them to the Vanilla devs, since I'm no longer a dev for them.
  • With regards to the information pages, that's why I made the History topics. They contain what was on the old information pages, with more info added.
    I've added links for them. More details in changelog
  • Maybe put the page numbers to go back a page up the top as well?
    I find sometimes I wanna check an older post and have to scroll down to the bottom of an almost finished page in order to see the page before.
    I know it's not a big useful suggestion and it could just be me, I just wanted to contribute, lol.
  • I guess the logic is that the page numbers should be close to the latest content on the page. But yeah I can do it if you'll find it useful :)