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Red Skies in Urban Terror Information
  • The Urban Terror division of Red Skies was established on October 28, 2008 by Khaotik_Lord and SubJunk who were senior members of TK and didn't like the direction TK was going.

    We only invited people with a good attitude, so if you liked calling people noobs and causing shit then you wouldn't get an invite.

    If you were interested in joining, you were encouraged to hang out with us on our forums so we could get to know you, and if we all still liked eachother you might have got an invite at some stage. This process weeded out iffy members so we ended up with only dedicated ones.

    We slowly built our skill and gained a reputation as one of the strongest clans in Australia and New Zealand. We never reached the number one spot in terms of skill, which was usually held by kp10, but we were always top 5 in scrims (clan vs. clan battles) and often #1 in public servers, because while our tactics and organization in scrims really held us back, our skill as individuals was as good as any in the region.

    There was also a division of Red Skies in the USA.
    Due to there being no real clan/guild support in the game, our members could be recognized by the prefix of their name. For example, in the early days my name was RSG.SubJunk and then we changed to RS|SubJunk.
    We went for a few years but unfortunately, due to the Urban Terror developers taking forever (years) to release even minor updates, in 2012 the game all but died and despite holding on for as long as we could, there just weren't enough people to play against.

    We also had some skilled jumpers and we ran an affiliated jump clan called Elevation (the tag was affixed as eVn, like SubJunk.eVn).

    Here are my Urban Terror videos:

    Our final active members list was:

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  • Interesting physics, though admittedly some parts of those videos I lost all sense of what was going on xD
  • Haha yeah it gets pretty confusing watching jumps. The game started as a Quake 3 mod, so it has some of their weird physics like walljumping and sliding. Such a great game.
  • Wow, I remember when all of this was being formed, how you were so pleased with the choosing of the guilds jump tag ^.^
    I was self-suitably dubbed "Mascot", and did nothing in regards to playing the game, but instead trolled your forums with nudy pics, lol.
  • Haha yeah Tux on the UrT forum we had a huge thread called "teh nakeds"
  • Oooo, Smorielf. That was revered as one of the hardest jump maps for the longest time
  • Yeah I worked hard on passing that map. I spent hundreds of hours on it.
  • Yeah, that was crazy.  I remember watching you and seeing all the different angles. 
    Some of those jumps were just Huge!  Especially on the stand on the left and wj one.
    And LOL at Marchic (old Rappelzians will know him as Chinqoooy) splatting in big orange room XD
  • it appears my long awaited return visit to the forums was well timed :)

    Subbie, you are the greatest. Well done for all your efforts, i certainly got years of enjoyment as a result and am forever grateful. it remains my favourite game of all time. nothing can compare.

    actually dl'd urt and took it for a spin for the first time in... i dont even remember. heartbreaking that. had to play on a canadian server but it seems to be fairly functional once again. pity it is essentially ruined but oh well. if i ever win the lottery i will bankroll a paid version of urt and run it properly :p
  • Cheers Scorchy, totally agree about it being the best game! Good to have you back here.
    Would be really sweet to bankroll a new version from the ground up on a cutting edge graphics engine. Combine that old style gameplay with new graphics, winner.

    If there's anything you think should be added or changed in the first post let me know
  • RED SKIES BABY HELL YEAH, wish UrT hadn't died was such a good game
  • So what do you UrT folk play these days?

    *still reads UrT as "Unreal Tournament" every time*

  • I drift through different games at the moment actually, I recently got a copy of Borderlands 2 thanks to a sale so I'm working my way through that xD
  • Thought I would just come and say RIP UrT, such a good game. Enjoyed playing with all you motherfuckers <3
  • We love you too Sconey!
  • Yep... The end of an era.

    Such and awesome fast paced game. Annoying that the situation ended up like this.

    Oh well, always an excuse for a reunion meetup sometime in the near future.
  • Such a shame urt died so many good memories.

    I remember spending like 4 hours on smorielf trying to work out the trick to the water room with someone i can't remember if it was scone or sub and then feeling like idiots when we worked out how simple it was. 

    And all the clan pracs we had that just turned into everyone fucking around and making whoever had stepped up to run them this time get mad.

    Hahahaha and when sub stepped down as leader and Rocket took over and then like a month later I led a mutiny against him so i could become leader. I was leader all of 10 minutes before Sub was like fuck this i'm leader again.

    Oh and pretending to be sick so i didn't have to go to school for 2 weeks so me and khao could work on this

    Was good times shame it ended. Not that I miss you guys. I do kinda miss the nakeds thread tho.
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  • Oh man such a great post... Meeeeeeemories
  • Urt will be with us forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

    ......we just wont be playing it.