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Tux's Stuff
  • First impressions.
    1920 x 1200 - 174K
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  • Omgtotallyawesomeomg!
  • So do you and Sar have characters now?
  • We do, I opened her game and made a little Demonologist while she was at work. I don't have a copy on my computer, I've been staying with my cousins and resisting the urge to use up all their bandwidth. When I was over at Sar's, I was silly enough to forget to bring an external hard drive to steal all the things (like AoC, which had only just finished downloading: She was a bit grumpy because she'd spent all that time downloading it and never got a chance to try it!)

    Will I play it: Maybe. It's going to have to dance and do tricks to ease my butthurt over not being able to start as a Ranger - I would likely spend money if the game was good enough (Ever since I ordered those USB sticks online I think I'm the king of the debit card / paypal), but I don't want to do that before experiencing the game, and I don't want to get emotionally attached to a not-the-ranger-I-want-to-be character only to have to restart later once I decide to stay with AoC.

    I've spent maybe 20 minutes, 15 of which was creating the character and raging about the F2P class restrictions. The other 5 was me mashing the little lv1 Alligators - I didn't see a single humanoid enemy the whole time I played, and when I watched Sar play for a bit when she got home she blitzed the island area without seeing a single Alligator. Weird.

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  • The name Tuxedomask was taken (it figures!), so I'll be using Shpirokimino for my name for old times' sake.
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  • OK, cool :) Well I will invite you to the guild when I make it. I can make it when I'm level 20 and I'm 17 at the moment. Won't take long.
    I know what you mean about not wanting to waste time on a character you won't want to play for long. I made a trial character for this game to try it out too, then another one when I decided I liked it
  • It'll have to vie for my attention with Aion, which is also really nice. Depends on how good the Archery in AoC is (I actually rather liked DDO's style, hoping AoC is good too). Also depends on whether or not I can get motivated enough to MMO again.
  • Fair enough. Aion didn't do much for me, it seemed pretty normal whereas this and DDO have uniqueness to make them stand out from the crowd. I do still really like DDO but I like this a bit better because of the immersive and continuous storyline as opposed to DDO's random stuff.
  • IMO it's better. Although I haven't tried crafting in AoC so it's possible that it's better in Vanguard, since it's awesome in Vanguard, but in terms of immersion I find AoC better
  • Vanguard. 
    But then, I'm biased =p
    But so is Sub!
    (pssst, Vanguard has Rangers, and they're Awesome)
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  • Who's that smexy beast who's currently the #217 Marksman on Undine server?

    It's TUX~

  • GZ~

    its freaky seeing how many people are over 165 already >__<
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  • It was tongue-in-cheek, of course. Such a large number for such a specific segment (Specific masterclass on a particular server). And since the leaderboards for Undine Marksmen only goes up to 237...

    Aaaand now I'm 218 xD (Wowsers, it updates more frequently than I would have expected!)

  • Hmm. I can't access my gpotato account or the forums from my tuxedomask account, seems when I got hacked last year they changed my email address to some random yahoo account and my secret question to something I can't answer.

    So I can't redeem that 3-day HV Pass (was going to claim it on the last day), because at some point there was a forced password change which only harrasses you when you try to log into the site, not the game. The reset codes are getting sent to some other email address. Aaaand the game no longer has any semblance of customer support, not even the old instant automated responses to sending in tickets.


  • that is a real shame :<  have you tried to message a forum mod about it maybe?? I wish we'd get some real GMs and stuff already
  • ^

    See my strength?

    Yeeeah, I work out~