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Browser wars
  • I just read a study that measured malware protection rates of web browsers and found what I think are surprising results.
    Internet Explorer 10 offered by far the best protection, at 99.96%, with no other browser even coming close.
    Chrome has a huge lead over the others at 83.16%, with both Firefox and Safari at around 10%, and Opera at 1.87%.

    The full results are at CAR Browser Socially Engineered Malware 130513c.pdf

    Personally I use Firefox but this may be enough to make me use Chrome, if I can find plugins to help simulate some features I'm used to in Firefox.
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  • I wonder what that number would jump to for firefox if that included the noscript extension.
  • and AdBlock (sorry webmasters) which I know is available for at least Chrome, Firefox and Opera. At the very least, that should reduce the number of 'trackers' you encounter.

    Fixed link

    I'm personally more concerned about Opera moving from Presto to Blink. While my understanding of the situation is very limited, what I gather is that Opera will be using the same rendering engine as Chrome... Which many consider to pander to poor web standards, which leads to worse and worse code proliferating - because the browsers 'fix' it for them -, and then every other browser having to add a bunch of extra code to 'cater' for sloppily coded websites. The web, on the whole, becomes less efficient, and everybody loses. I see people grumbling vaguely about it in the comments on Opera's development blog, whenever I bother to read it.

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