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Tips & Tricks
  • To hide the GUI before a screenshot, push the comma button

    Put your other tips and tricks in here! (yeah I know my tip sucked but I wanted to start the thread, ha!)
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    Enchanting from levels 1 to 5 are "safe" - Beyond that, if the enchant 'fails' it can apparently go backwards (loses + values).

    Enchanting makes your stuff glow. Different to the way Rappelz does it, different parts of your gear gain a neon glow.

    Enchanting your bike makes it vrooom slightly faster!

  • Ooo, thanks for that Tux, I was wondering when the odds started to noticeably go down.
  • Push E to pick up nearby items. Way easier than clicking them.
  • Sit is actually useful - HP & SP (MP) regens much faster sitting than standing.

    Those Cybercluster bombs they give you as quest rewards - great in PvP, it's worth having them on your skillbar for when you to Janus or Turnpike (the hourly PvP arenas)

    Those little grey items that say "Doesn't appear to have any partcular use", chuck them out or sell them to a vendor - you don't need to hold onto them for anything.

  • Buy the Pick Up Petchip from the Item Mall for 99c atm (99AP same conversion rate as gpots) SO handy for getting loot especially PVP where you don't have time to manually pick up.