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  • Cheers!
  • It actually covers some skin =o
  • Cool new sig Tux! And yeah maybe by max level I can actually wear clothes that don't make me look like a pornstar hahaha
  • My temporary forum ban on the Rappelz Forum finally wore off at 3am (my time) this morning. Did this up yesterday for my glorious return:

    image + the rest

  • Why were you banned?
  • Depends on who you ask, really.


    (The 22rth thing is a sort of running joke, they are SO bad at getting the correct suffixes on dates)

    (Also, lol, that Board Admisitrator link has been disabled for a long time, as are all the other gpotato email addresses such as billing and customer support. This information had only been released to us quite recently, and probably hundreds of tickets submitted weren't even collected. Good job, guys.)

    They don't appreciate the troll they've turned me into. The forum mods don't seem to mind me, because they aren't idiots and don't provoke me. 

    Our CMs,  (we have 0 GMs, instead we have 'Community Managers'), on the other hand, have so far (talking solid months here) been pretty useless, they just don't like us calling them out for it.

    The guys above them (Webzen, who bought the game from Gala) seem to be idiots too, and are handing down some stupid orders and ignoring valid suggestions being handed up to them from the CMs (if they are, in fact, trying to hand them up), and I do not criticise them for this.

    I criticise Brobaen (on behalf of all of the other CMs, as for a long time he was the only one who communicated with the community) a lot, however, because he has done a downright terrible job of managing us. He insulted us, he lied to us, and he walked into our domain expecting us to have instant respect for his authority. Pfft, nope.

    Example of my criticism: where I attempt to indoctrinate the new CM and explain our collective distaste for the other CMs. (PS: I'm reddishknife xD)

    And for the record, the 'new' CM [CM]Neightril has made a great start so far, which we appreciate. I conversed with him via PM while I was banned. Need to make sure he doesn't turn into another Brobaen. Great start so far, he's easing into the community and making friends - he ran a Maint Topic thread, which hasnt been done properly in quite a while. Hooray! We're gonna try and keep him on the rails.

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  • Why are people still playing this game >.<
    It's been literally Years since I logged on and not seen a ton of people complaining bitterly about the state of affairs, lol.
    Are they all closet masochists?
  • In Janus I was the top ranked member of my level. Andate was right behind me in over-all ranking too (Noctiluca) so here's the rankings. Plus a screeny of me at the Batrachian Lake
    1920 x 1200 - 942K
    1920 x 1200 - 1002K
  • Hey, you were both the highest ranked players of your respective classes too!

    Yeah, I usually end up inviting Sar, inviting everyone who says "pt", and then tabbing (with tilda ~) through nearby players and mashing 'invite' until the rest of the slots are full. Once in turnpike I invited 3 medics, oops. Sorry, other parties xD

  • I'm pretty useless in Janus/Turnpike even full time healing (which is suppose to get me more points than DD'ing would) I barely keep myself off the bottom rungs usually.  I mean, I do an awesome job, keeping people alive, even the silly whippers that just dive in alone into a crowd of enemies with with no other back-up, just to get points for damage on their AOE's. -_-  It make their own rank go up while losing us deaths and the match.  But I still have fun healing Tux and being awesome.
  • Hanging out with Tux and Sar tonight
    1920 x 1200 - 954K
    1920 x 1200 - 938K
  • The Guild Hall looks awesome
    1920 x 1200 - 854K
  • I really hope they let us decorate it later, or change those super-lifeless-voiced NPCs. Maybe in later patches.
  • PVP suits look cool
    1920 x 1200 - 681K
  • How does the contribution thing work? I must be doing something wrong because think I do pretty well in Janus and Turnpike but then I don't get good ranks
    1920 x 1200 - 626K
  • I'm not a big fan of how the PVP suit (I call it the x-suit, or "Awesome Suit" as Sar once put it) completely covers the face with the... Is that a motorbike helmet? Why don't I wear that while, you know, riding my motorbike?!

    Now, contribution points: In PvP, it's basically how much damage you do or how much damage you heal (I don't know the ratio of each, but healers tend to do pretty well for themselves - just not in the top top scores). I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to your kills or your deaths, which allows Whippers to generate a tonne of points by running in and using all of their AOEs in the middle of the enemies, and then promptly dieing. This gets them top points, but ultimately screws your team over because contribution points seem to do absolutely nothing for your team score - only kills vs deaths. So unless they get at least one kill before they are mowed down, they're actually losing your team points. Interesting stuff.

    As a Punisher, you and I both need to aim for a good kills vs deaths ratio. When you get that skill with slightly more range (25m as opposed to the usual 20m) you find yourself getting a lot of those last-second bailers that nobody else can reach >:D If you want contribution points, maybe aim at tanks and shoot them constantly, since they will survive for longer and you can get more shots in, = more points for you. Still, you're ultimately always going to lose out to the guys with +10 weapons (maximum enchant) unless you get yours pimped too. Better off getting last-shots on enemies running away (otherwise, no kill, no team points) and medics.

    Generally, I just try my hardest to make sure I have a 1-to-1 or better kills/deaths ratio.

    Aaand now, some of my proudest PvP achievements (even the one where we lost):

    629 x 526 - 164K
    629 x 526 - 170K
  • Cheers for the tips :)
  • I got constantly throttled by whippers. 
    Eventually I just decided to stand back and clusterbomb the shit out of everyone and ended up rank 3, lol.