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[Hyperbole*1.5] Depression Part 2
  • This page floated into my Facebook feed and I just read through it.
    Gotta say, WOW.

    The "corn moment" for me was when I stepped in some mud at school and slipped over (in my earlier 'teens), and had the same subsequent reaction.

    It's fascinating to read that I'm not alone in my 'weird epiphanic un-pression'.

    Maybe there's hope for us all~

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  • Hah, I love the dead fish analogy, one of the best explanations I've ever seen about how most people don't realise that they're addressing a different problem
    Post edited by Andate at 2013-05-13 18:11:43
  • yea I re-shared that on my facebook from a friend as soon as I finished reading it. I feel like its so much more helpful to the situation then all that 'it gets better' crap that skips over the difficulty of actually living with depression.