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Absent from games
  • as the topic suggest's, and is a contenuation from the rappelz forum i started, this topic is for stateing why we have been out of our respected game's that we know each other from.


    for me, i've been dealing with technical math 2 at local colage, and main 2 topic's so far in it have been graphing math, followed by curent triganomitry, aka trig, and from what the teacher has said, soon to be a combenation of triganometry and geometry compined type math. on top of that, i finally have a set day and time for the anime club i have been the president of the last 3 or 4 semester's (excludeing summer semester). and will be on campus from now untell the end of the semester on campus monday's and teasday's dealing with class (contenued untell final's), homework on teasday's, and thursday's (contenued untell final's), i.c.c. (inter club councel) meeting's every other teasday (been speratic, but steady untell final's now), and anime club on friday's from this friday to the last week of the semester. grocery shopping and laundry on weekend's as useal, and family time in my spare time that i am not sleeping, or dealing with previusly said thing's.

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