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  • as topic suggest's, this is for quest related topic's for the game's redskie's play's. weather it's a get together to help 1 or more member's to compleate a quest, or ask if any 1 know's what to do on a quest line. an example with a quest i found, but havent started very far into yet it the ent in the hidden city. i am wondering if any 1 has compleated the quest line yet? and weather or not i should give the planting pot to the gardener on the other side of the map from the ent?
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  • though's 2 question's i asked is for though's of us that play rappelz.

  • the ent event you should try to water the pot daily so that it will evolve but sadly we don't know when the event will end (or rather as of this post, I don't know) so don't get too attached I case they suddenly end it and the npcs are gone. The event ends when you trade the pot in since you can't get another one on the same character, also try not to accidentally sell/destroy the gourd that gives you water (every 24hrs when clicked)

    sadly I think I last got water at 11 something last night so I'm gonna have to stay on that to get it done faster ;x
  • I took a look at the possible prizes and went "meh".  I hate when most of the rewards are timed, and I haven't even bothered with the pot.  I want another
    "Raining Pets" event. XD
  • lol who doesnt? I want another free dragon mount though, even if its timed