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Lizette's Random Commentary
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  • Hmm, it's too bad Druids can't turn things to stone in Vanguard. 
    But you can turn yourself into a tree if you want =p
  • If I had to pick between turning myself into a tree or turning my foes into Yaks...
  • Haha some of my best times in Rappelz were turning people into yaks, then petrification, etc. With all the disabling skills druids have in Rappelz we can basically freeze an opponent indefinitely (with the right cards to increase success rate and decrease cooldown)
  • I can imagine! That's what I want in my replacement MMO once Rappelz dies - Fun! (Hunters can stealth in Vanguard, that's a win for me >:D)
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  • Multiple shot on ranger is pretty entertaining.
    Lol, once you get that you can just run out and kite 10 mobs at once XD
  • Multiple... Shot?

    Is it a single skill, or like some awesome passive or toggle?

    One of my favourite things ever was to use a ranged class in Warcraft 3 custom maps and get the weapon that enables multiple shots (shoots several nearby enemies at once). Farming just becomes a merry slaughterfest (totally unbalanced - that's unofficial maps for ya).

  • That's the one Tux, one skill, but shoots a bunch of arrows at a time. 
    Rangers are big dders, got a skill that if you use twice in a row, it's a guaranteed critical shot for the next skill you use.  You can imagine the potential there =p
    Especially when you have a skill, that when it crits, it opens up an awesome chain skill.
    Man, now I wanna go play my ranger, lol.
  • In path of exile, there's a skill called "greater multiple projectiles" that adds 4 additional shots.  There's another skill called "fork" that causes projectiles to split after hitting a target.  Then, there's another skill called "chain"  that causes projectiles to home in on 2 more targets after hitting the first target.

    The cool part is, as these are all support gems, you can combine everything to create a skill that fires 4 additional shots, forks when it hits a target, and also chains onto 2 more targets afterwards XD.  Granted, there are damage modifiers and your mana costs would grow pretty high, but if you choose the right passives, you can work out something cool (like choosing blood magic, where you spend life instead of mana.  Then, if you have the vaal pact skill, life leech applies instantly.  If you had enough life leech, you could be casting that for free!)

    Here's a video of a mid level with just spark and fork:

  • The Neverwinter MMO is now in open beta:

    The foundry looks pretty interesting there, where you can create your own quests and explorable areas.
  • STO (Star Trek Online) does "make your own quest" things as well, some of the really awesome "must have taken ages to make" ones even get added to the "official" canon plotlines.
  • The idea is probably borrowed from Star Trek online, as both games are developed by Cryptic. It's a win win on both sides, the developers get some free content written :P
  • Cool gonna check this out!
  • Finally started a character and went through a few beginner quests.  Looks good so far!
    1920 x 1080 - 4M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
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  • Good looking game
  • After the first 10 or so levels on both the great weapon fighter and the control mage, I have to say this game looked like it had a lot of potential, but it doesn't live up to it so far. The graphics are great, the world looks diverse and interesting, but combat and character customization are pretty lacking. It's not a tab F1 F2 masher like rappelz for sure, but combat still feels repetitive.

    I'll probably take another look at this again when they come out of beta and see if things change.
  • It's hard to remember to get an action shot in Hawken.  Here's a shot before the battle takes place though:
    1280 x 720 - 415K
  • Do you have a main game, Liz? Right now I'm still deciding which game, if any, I will get invested in
  • I don't at the moment Sub.  I've been playing PoE and Hawken on and off but don't have any MMO.  I've been looking at FF14 when that reboots in August.
  • Psst...

    I heard about this cool game called Scarlet Blade.

  • RIFT is now free to play:

    Seemed like a fun game when I went through the beta trial period.