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What we are watching when not playing games
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  • SubJunk said:

    I miss the guild too

    The first part of Overlord episode 1 [link] hit me right in the feelings as I thought about ol' Red Skies.

    Starting right at about 3:54, "It was fun. It was really fun."

    Love you all!
  • Hnnnng, right in the feels. How's it feel to be engaged, man?
  • *at gunstavepoint* WONDERFUL

    Yeah, pretty good. And scary. Like, it's ending an era I'm quite used to and starting one which is new and unpredictable and pretty much final.
    But I'm a much more capable person now than I was when we first started, and we'll probably be okay in spite of me. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather be engaged to.
  • Hahaha :)

    I'm so happy for you two! It's definitely a difficult thing to make and stick to that commitment but it's very special and I think it's the best thing in life