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What we are watching when not playing games
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  • Geh!!!!! Long time no see! 
  • i been on forum's, just the rappelz forum's. not to mention i been dealing with a technical math 2 class since around january 16th. about 2 or 3 week's ago i was dealing with graphing calculater, then current triganomatry. curent homework is haveing me deal with makeing 2 problem's that are trig based.but hay, i am on spring break now for a little over a week, and unleass family take's up my time, i should be in game for about a week a bit more often.
  • Hey, good to hear you made it through your hectic schoolwork. Congratulations!

    Hope to see you in-game! (You might need the Launcher Bypass to do it though xD)

  • Is the PC version FTP now or is it just the PS3 one?  I don't think I'm willing to take up a new game on P2P unless I get to try it out.  And console gaming. Ugh.  I only have an Xbox to play GH, and a PS2 to play DDR and Singstar. XD
  • a second coisin is in town, and is wanting to play 2 player x-box 360 game's with me. espeacily halo 2, and halo 4. not to mention i got bioshock infinity at it's midnight release last monday night/teasday morning. i am at roughly the point where we got on the gondala, we got seperated, and i got pushed out of the zepalon next to a hard labor ship, and onto a weapon's factory ship. also i finally finished all 24 episode's of karin after about 6 and a half day's do to 2nd coisin comeing by, helping my mom, and 1 of my sister's, and her daughter.

  • i am curently watching claymore in what little time i have to myself not dealing with school or family.
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  • That was the first anime series Andate and I watched together. We liked it a lot.
  • Yeah, it was pretty good =)
  • but how does the series work if the ending isnt there :/
  • There isn't an ending?
  • just like air gear the anime, and kamichu the anime both have no proper ending's.

  • Claymore ends, there are 26 episodes and it concludes the story arc nicely
  • I started watching Breaking Bad.

    It's true what they say about it - It's a great show.

  • Been watching 2 new (to me) shows lately and loving them: House of Lies and Vikings
  • And they are awesome!
  • curently on the flash serie's from the early 1990's.
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  • I'm still stuck at this not playing games thing =\
  • gehwesi said:

    curently on the flash serie's from the early 1990's.

    I haven't seen that one, downloading now
    Rageamok said:

    I'm still stuck at this not playing games thing =\

    Neverwinter ya dickhead! :D
  • SubJunk said:

    Rageamok said:

    I'm still stuck at this not playing games thing =\

    Neverwinter ya dickhead! :D

     rofl, 'dat response
  • as of this message, i am on episode 7:child's play of the flash serie's. so far it seem's to be a low budget serie's with limited on screen cast, limited seen but not heard, or limited comentary stand in's, and from what i have yet to see from the flash's point of view more than once dureing the day running, and the few time's it's shown his view running at night seem's to be the same stock footage.